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Movie: Geetha Govindam
Language: Hindi Dubbed
Starring : Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika Mandanna, Nagendra Babu
Director : Parasuram
Producers : Allu Aravind, Bunny Vas
Size: 350mb / 700mb 

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The film was released on 15 August 2018 in India and on 14 August 2018 in the US.  The Hindi dubbed version of the film titled "Geeta Govinda" will soon premiere on Zee Cinema and will also be released on the Zee 5 app in October 2019.  Geeta Govindam is a 2018 Indian Telugu romantic comedy film directed by Parashurama, produced by Bani Bani under the banner of GA2 Pictures.  It stars Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandana in lead roles, while Subbaraju, Rahul Ramakrishna, Vanela Kishore, Naga Babu, and Morani appear in supporting roles.

Geetha Govindam Full Movie in Hindi Download (Pagalworld)

Geeta Govindam has some good humor, great music and a great lead pair.  But more importantly, it also has a story that despite its predictable nature, keeps the audience engaged and entertains them.  If you love rom-com, you will adopt it.  A big thumbs up!

The actor who played the role of a lazy boy next door in Pelichupulu and the self-destructive Arjun in Arjun Reddy is largely turning into a star at the box office.  It would have been easy to entertain a typical crowd-pleasing group with him.  But that too could have been his undoing.  Parashurama and Vijay carefully avoid those sufferings.  There is no hero intro song, he gets about half the battle sequence and there is no masculine dialogue.

On his way to his hometown for his sister's engagement, he meets Geeta in a bus.  And his seat is next to him.  As the night progresses, Vijay, who was taking all the right steps and winning the trust of Geeta, suddenly collapses with grace.  His dream comes as a rude shock when Geeta gives him a tight slap in the face.  Vijay's life falls on the mercy of Geeta.  He is not as perfect as he imagined to be after that.


  Govind (Vijay Devarakonda) is a well-to-do job holder who falls in love with Geeta (Rashmika).  But due to her bad luck, a small crack loosens Geeta completely on her.  Things get worse for Govind when Geeta's brother decides to marry his own sister.  The rest of the story is how Govind solves all his problems and wins back his love.

The film begins with Vijay (Vijay Devarakonda) who meets Nithya (Nithya Menon) in the middle of the road at night.  He finds her sitting alone and sad.  When she interrogates him, he starts telling her his story.  Vijay Govind, a charming young 25-year-old college professor.  One of his students, Neelu, has a huge crush on him and openly pursues him.  He meets this girl whom he sees everyday at the bus stop (Anu Emanuel) but when he confesses his love for her, he realizes that he is already married.  During a visit to the temple, Vijay asks the priest about the decoration and finds out that it was all done by a girl Geeta (Rashmika Mandana).  Vijay realizes that the girl is unmarried and is immediately attracted to him.  Before Vijay can chase Geeta, he realizes that his sister's engagement is fixed and he leaves for his hometown of Kakinada.  Coincidentally, Geeta becomes her co-passenger in the bus, occupying the window seat next to her.  While trying to take a selfie with Geeta, who was sleeping, Vijay accidentally kisses her on the lips.  Vijay begs for forgiveness, but Geeta ties her hands to the bus seat and calls her brother and informs him of the incident.  The next morning, when Geeta's brother Phanendra (Subbaraju) gets into the bus, Geetha informs him that the man had jumped from the running bus, breaking the window.

Vijay, realizing that he has survived successfully, is shocked to learn that his sister is not from anyone else who is Phanindra.  Fenendra initially suspects Vijay that he misbehaves with his sister, but when Geeta reveals that Vijay is not the person, Fenendra lets him go.  Vijay thanks Geeta for saving her, but she says that she did this only because she did not want her sister to suffer because of her.  As the date of Phanindra and Sirisha's wedding is two weeks away, Geeta's father asks Vijay's help in Hyderabad for all the shopping related purchases.  Geeta reluctantly accepts.  Although Vijay tries to apologize to Geeta for his behavior daily, Geeta does not accept it.  Just when Geeta starts warming up with Vijay, Neelu sends a nude video to Vijay to get his attention, which Geeta sees and thinks that he hasn't changed at all.  When Geeta begins to discredit Vijay's family, he quarrels with her and leaves her in the middle of the road at night.  Meanwhile, Fenendra decides to trace the man who abused Geeta with the help of his police friends in Hyderabad.  When they finally catch him looking at the transport booking records, it is found that the booking was done by Vijay's friend Ramakrishna in his own name and convinces his friend not to make him a rat for his sister's wedding.

Geeta goes to her boss's house to invite her to her brother's wedding, but is surprised to find Neelu, the girl sending nude videos to Vijay.  Geeta tries to warn Neelu's mother about Vijay, possibly that she is trying to trap Neelu, but she reveals that she already knows about it.  Due to the video that Vijay and Geeta had a fight before, Vijay confronts Neelu in front of her mother in relation to the video and sets up a conversation with her.  He tells Neelu about his mistake with Geeta and will feel her love for him, without naming him and apologizing to him for the rest of his life.  Realizing that she was wrong about Vijay the whole time and Geeta fell in love with Prithvi's attitude.  Geeta convinces her brother to leave for her village with her and forgets about the incident on the bus.  When he agrees, he personally gives a message to Vijay and he is overjoyed but does not accept her feelings for him.  Geeta and Phanindra's grandfather suffered a heart attack.  Her grandmother feared that her husband would not be alive to see Geeta's marriage, forcing everyone to marry Geeta on the same day as Phandindra.  Phanindra suggested Vijay's name for marriage and Geeta happily accepted.  But Vijay, however, personally rejects Geeta's proposal, as he feels that he cannot see his mother in him, who died when he was younger.  She feels that she is just a choice for Geeta, not the only one and only option.  Devastated and demoralized she agrees to marry a man of her parents' choice.

During pre-marriage preparations, Geeta's grandmother moves to Vijay to reject her granddaughter and reveals that it was Dhanendra who suggested Vijay's name to her family members.  Shocked and confused, Vijay confesses to Phendra about his encounter with Geeta in a bus.  Phanendra tells him that he already knew about it and Geeta was the one who revealed her with his love for Vijay.  He tells Vijay that he is no substitute for Geeta, but the one and only option.  Vijay talks to Geeta, and she finally confesses his love and was questioning her character when she wondered how he was blackmailing her for marriage.  Vijay apologizes to her and wishes to marry her, but she realizes that it is too late and she is getting married in the morning.  The film now returns to the beginning of the film, where Vijay is unable to figure out what to do to win back his love.  Nithya gives him an idea.  In between the wedding ceremonies, Vijay follows the wedding plan, and tells Phanendra to stand up.  Vijay suddenly falls at the feet of his brother-in-law, who is in front of everyone (thought Nithya) and decides not to let go of his feet until he marries Geeta.  Geeta however was impressed by Vijay's bold move in front of everyone and accepted Vijay.  The film ended with Geeta and Vijay going on a bus to Shirdi.  When Vijay kisses a sleeping Geeta on the cheek, she slaps him.  Surprised, Vijay again begs for his forgiveness as before, but Geeta proceeds to kiss him affectionately.

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